Treatment and counseling

JPA's treatment and counseling services strengthen connections among children, teachers and their parents so that together they can care for each other and contribute to society.

Full list of schools & services

  • Best Practice Consulting, Evaluation, Permanency Planning & Research
  • Consultation for teachers and administrators
  • Parent Workshops
  • Individual and small group psychotherapy
  • Classroom group psychoeducational activities
  • 9th Gear: a mentoring program to support 8th graders’ transition into high school.
  • Connect: an integrated, systematic set of professional development workshops and ongoing consultation meetings for educators
  • Connect 2 Kindergarten: a multi-faceted program (for teachers, parents and children) designed to facilitate successful transitions to Kindergarten
  • School Partners 2016-2017

JPA Offers Acclaimed Clinical Internship Program


Each year, JPA provides opportunities for second-year master’s students in social work to practice alongside our therapists, earning credits for their degrees through our Advanced-Level Graduate Clinical Internship Program. Find out more about this worthwhile opportunity!



Community partners

JPA works closely with local agency and community partners. To see a list of local partners and our work with them, please click below.


For educators and school partners

Even the most successful schools may struggle to meet the emotional needs of some children. For this group of children, their emotional needs preclude them from emotional wellness and severely hamper their potential to relate to others and learn in school. In preparing children for success, it is becoming increasingly clear that addressing social-emotional needs has an important place in every classroom and in every school.

Learn more about 9th Gear below!


For child welfare agencies and partners

JPA invests in sharing best practices , in conducting research and in providing training to child welfare agencies and partners to improve the outcomes for vulnerable and traumatized children and families.

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